About C2I
Cover 2 Investigations, Inc.

Besides being one of the most sought after court-appointed investigators in New York, Steve DiLorenzo has gone on to become the CEO/Director of Cover 2 Investigations, Inc., a full service firm including extensive case analysis, investigative planning, witness interviews, reporting, surveillance, and human resource and general background checks.

As a licensed private investigator from the State of New York with over 30 years of investigative experience, Steve’s team is on the cutting edge of digital forensic technology, which has become a key driver in favorable case outcomes. This experience includes computer hard drive analysis, data recovery, mobile phone analysis, and cell tower mapping. As technology is continuously evolving, it has become incumbent upon Mr. DiLorenzo and Cover 2 Investigations to employ “state of the art” forensics tools and software to best serve the interests of their clients.

Steven DiLorenzo
Steve DiLorenzo, CEO/Director

Steve has been volunteering to follow the facts and identify wrongful convictions, as well as help reverse those cases that qualify. He has also toured the country on assignment and speaking at the International Innovators events.

Mr. DiLorenzo also serves on the Investigative Advisory Panel for the American Justice Alliance.